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This is my (Mobile) Portfolio
I would recommend viewing it on a desktop.
But you seem pretty committed, so who am I to say no?
My portfolio has Art.
And Mockups.
And Stories.
Once Upon A Time In Detroit.
I was the lead UX Architect for Lincoln
They were planning to give their website a facelift.
But we analyzed the website and used traffic data to build a map.
And we found dozens of duplicate pages, and that users were getting lost.
Check it out at
Obligatory whiteboard shot.
Information Architecture is always glamorous.
Long Ago, In A City Named Ann Arbor
Wantify had walkthrough screens, and they needed work.
We were only launching in one town, Birmingham.
So I took my camera, and went downtown.
And gave it a local touch.
I built a site for Lamborghini.
I still have most of the code but only one screen grab.
On a related note: Do not use Barracuda hard drives.
I also designed a web/mobile app combo for the US VA.
Did you know the VA has a 100 page style guide for proper logo usage?
Neither did I
I speak about Design.
Rapid Fire Round.
Name that bridge.
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